Safety Rules

Published on 08 October 2012

More Flight Rules and Alerts!!!!

Flying is restricted to members and their guests displaying a valid AMA license. The guest must be accompanied by a member / sponsor in order to fly, stopping all flying activities when the member / sponsor leaves the field. That member IS responsible for all actions and consequences of their guests.



Announce and Sound Off Loudly
bullet " ON THE FIELD " If a model must be carried on to or off the runway for a takeoff or landing, then Promptly announce " CLEAR " when off the runway.
bullet " TAKING OFF " OR " LANDING " before attempting such a maneuver.
bullet "DEAD STICK " if you lose engine power and must land ASAP .
bullet " HEADS UP " etc. in any case of lost control or model malfunction .
bullet " CAUTION DOING TOUCH AND GOES " or " LOW FLYBYS " and or high speed maneuvers -- will be performed no closer to the active flyers than the center of the runway.
bullet There is "NO FLYING " over our pit areas , behind the flight lines , or anywhere where people are allowed to be.
bullet There will be " NO FLYING " at the Squatrito Field when " Waterloo " is having a function.
bullet Because of a sound problem with one of our neighbors at the HARDYSTON FIELD there will be NO MANEUVERS flown at the western end of the field . That end is strictly for takeoffs and landings ( with respect to wind direction ) .
bullet NO Sunday flying before 10:00 AM at the HARDYSTON FIELD .
bullet NO engine restarts on the runway , except during fun-fly contests .

NO flying when grass mowing, field work, or designated club training activities are occurring.


Flight Rules - (Rotary Winged Aircraft)
bullet All applicable fixed wing aircraft rules apply here also .
bullet NO " beginners " will attempt solo flight without an experienced helicopter pilot assisting .
bullet POSITIVELY NO HANDLING OF MODELS when power is applied and rotors are turning .

Helicopter Practice Area is for hovering only. All maneuvers and forward flight should be carried out on the runway following club flying procedures and guidelines.


When fixed wing aircraft are flying, helicopters MAY fly but MUST fly in the pattern along with the other aircraft (no 3D or aerobatics). Conversely, if a helicopter is flying (alone) it is common courtesy to allow the helicopter pilot to complete his flight before an airplane takes off.

Flight Rules - (Turbine)
bullet All applicable fixed wing aircraft and rotary aircraft rules apply here also.
bullet A copy of your "Certificate of Certification" must be sent to the Club Secretary before you fly a turbine aircraft at any of the Club fields.
bullet Your Certification Card must be displayed on the frequency board along with your club membership card (See FREQUENCY CONTROL BOARD above).

Anything you bring to our flying fields -- please remove when you leave. Including such trash as cigarette butts, paper waste, cans, tea bags, plastic bottles, rubber bands and broken props. Also pick up and take with you all model parts and debris that resulted from your crash.

The idea of keeping all spectators within a certain designated area is to " AVOID FLYING OVER PEOPLE ". No field should allow flying over a group of people no matter how small the group might be . Being struck by an out of control model is fortunately a rare occurrence, but should it occur it is likely to lead to the most serious injury and even death.

We must fly in a manner that assumes, at any time, our model may malfunction or lose its commanding radio control signals. This mode of operation can avert much of the risk of an accident resulting from a collision of a model and modeler..



May you always have HAPPY Flying

Your Safety Committee