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Dues are due!         

           Please complete the form in the last newsletter or email sent on 12/31and send it along with a check for $100 to Craig Miebach at 5 Hickory Road, Highland Lakes, NJ 07422. Please send in a SASE so that we can mail you back a membership card. The deadline is January 31st. The dues are still $70 and there is a one-time assessment for $30 for construction at Reynolds Field.

Event Schedule for 2018

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Event Schedule for 2018  

Monthly   Meeting


January 18


February 15


March 15


April 19


May 17


June 21


July 19 

Reynolds Field 

August 16 

Hardyston Field

September 20


October 18


November 15


December 6 Christmas Party 

Club   Events


 District II Fly In






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Our next club meeting is on January 18th at Andover Senior Center.  You can pay your 2018 dues in person at the meeting.