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Reynolds Field

While the closing of Squatrito Field is a hardship for many members, Reynolds field is open and a good many members have been flying there.  While more improvements are necessary, it is a nice flyable field. A Land Management Review was submitted with all of the improvements necessary for a premium flying facility. The review is almost complete and the approved improvements will be made as time and money permits.

In the meantime, get out there and fly.

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Event Schedule for 2017

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Event Schedule for 2017   

Monthly   Meeting


January 19


February 16


March 16


April 20


May 18


June 15


July 20 Hardyston


August 17 Reynolds Fld


September 21


October 19


November 16



Club   Events


None Scheduled



Christmas    Party



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The next club meeting is on August 17th at Reynolds Field. We will be having a tail-gate swap meet. Bring something to sell! Get there early and get a few flights in.