Engine Problems

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By: John W. Wenzelburger

First of all I am not an engine expert in fact the more I work with them the more I am certain that I know less about them then when I started!  This is simply a list of “Possible” fixes for engine problems there may be hundreds more that are not on the list, if you know of any more I would love to hear about them and add them to the list.

Rule ONE:   No engine especially 2 cycles will ever work flawlessly for long.  After five minuets of prefect operation you are on borrowed time!  You are going to have problems with them.  An engine that was running perfectly a half an hour ago will run badly if at all now. It is just the nature of the beast.  How good your engine should run is a matter of conjecture, just don’t be shocked when it stops or will not start!!!

The list is not in order of likely failure anything can happen and probably will!!!


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Safety Rules

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More Flight Rules and Alerts!!!!

Flying is restricted to members and their guests displaying a valid AMA license. The guest must be accompanied by a member / sponsor in order to fly, stopping all flying activities when the member / sponsor leaves the field. That member IS responsible for all actions and consequences of their guests.


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