Club Constitution - Revised August 2013

Published on 23 February 2014



NAME: The organization shall be known as the Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club Inc., chartered under the regulations of the Academy of Model Aeronautics, April 1969 (Charter Number 433), and guided by the rules of the Academy.


OBJECTIVE: The objective of the club shall be to provide an organized body for persons interested in the control of fixed wing aircraft by electronic methods. It shall provide a meeting place to regularly discuss problems of common interest and shall strive to maintain a site where activities of interest to the membership may be carried on. Members shall be expected to promote and participate in the activities of the club and the flying and operation of fixed wing aircraft.


MEMBERSHIP STATUS: Membership is defined as, those who fly fixed wing aircraft and own R/C equipment and are interested in the stated objectives of the club. Their status may be:

(a) "Full", a voting member over 18 years.

(b) "Junior", a voting member under 18 years, with no dues and no initiation fees. Further, at 18 years they automatically become a "Full" member.

(c) "Life", a voting member having been nominated and voted on as such, paying no dues.

(d) "Probationary", a member without voting rights, limited to a six (6) month membership period before "Full" voting status may be attained.

(e) "Honorary", a member without voting rights, no initiation fees, no dues, and no flying privileges.


MEETINGS: Regular business and social or program meetings of the Club shall be held monthly.


ELECTIONS: The current officers shall prepare a slate of candidates for the various elected officers of the club. The slate will be presented to the membership at the September meeting. Nominations from the floor will be accepted at this time.

After all nominations have been presented, nominations shall be closed at the October meeting. At the November meeting, a majority vote of the membership present (absentee ballots included), shall decide the officers for the following year.

ASSUMING OFFICE: Newly elected officers shall assume their offices at the November meeting.

OFFICER VACANCY: The present officers shall have the power to fill any vacancy in any office until the term expiration of that office.



All officers shall be elected for a term of one (1) year. The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected at the same time.

Section II: DUTIES

A) President: The President shall be the executive officer of the Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club and shall preside at the regular meetings and the Board of Trustees. He shall select the Chairmen of all standing committees, and shall be a member ex officio of those committees acting in an advisory capacity.





B) Vice-President: He shall assist the President and shall assume all the duties of the President in his absence. He may be called to represent the President at various Club functions or committee meetings and will be head of Program Committee.

C) Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the regular meetings and of the Board of Trustees. He shall conduct the general correspondence of the Club or may appoint an assistant to assist in this function.

D) Treasurer: He shall be the custodian of the funds of the Club. He shall collect dues and special assessments and disburse all funds. In addition he shall keep accurate records and shall submit in writing a fully itemized report of the financial condition of the organization at the November meeting prior to turning over records to the incoming Treasurer. He shall be responsible for an ongoing report of the financial condition at each monthly meeting. The Treasurer shall establish an annual budget and it will be published in the October newsletter for discussion and voted on at the November meeting. The budget will itemize recurring expenses which includes insurance, AMA fees, leases, mowing, field maintenance, postage, web site, etc. Any required expenditures above the approved or not included in the budget will be approved by a majority vote of the membership present at a regular business meeting prior to any payment.

The funds of the Club shall be used only for the furtherance of the business and objectives of the organization for any purpose or object of benefit to the members of the organization.

AMENDMENTS: The Articles of the Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the membership present at any regular meetings of the club, provided that the proposed amendment shall have been read before a previous meeting of the club.

TRUSTEES: The Board of Trustees shall meet at the call of the President and shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and four past officers of the Club. The Board of Trustees purpose is to oversee and advise the membership of proposed changes to the bylaws of the Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club.

Bylaws to Article III

1. "Waiting List" status: Within Membership Cap guidelines, new applicants can be accepted as "Probationary" members by the Membership Committee as recommended by the new member sponsor. This process will occur during the open membership period of March through the November meetings of the year. Others who wish to join the club outside the "Open" period or when the Club Cap is full, may be treated as "Waiting List" guests. They must be AMA licensed or in process and will be issued a "Guest" Club ID card with their name. Note that at all times, such guests flying will display their "Guest" card and their activities shall be limited to the discretion of and chaperoned by any Full member present. If there is no Membership CAP, applicants for membership may be accepted year round.

The numerical "Waiting List" is maintained and updated monthly, with a recorded role call during each club meeting. To be considered for "Probationary" membership, each "Waiting List" guest must display an active interest in all club functions. A lack of interest will result in that person being deleted from the "List" at the discretion of the membership committee.

2. "Probationary" status: As the annual Cap allows, on a numerical first come first served basis, those eligible must be present in the "Open" membership period, starting with the March meeting. To be accepted then and there, they must have already completed a membership application, and submitted the required application fee to the Treasurer. They will then be issued a "Probationary Member" ID card, with their name and their six (6) month "Full Member Voting or Expiration Date". During the six (6) month probation period, probationary member will have all the privileges and responsibilities of a "full" member except that they must fly with a full member present, may not vote, and field access will require full membership status

. They must demonstrate an active interest in the RC hobby/sport, active in the club by flying/training, attending functions and meetings, with a three (3) function minimum during this period. A written request of waiver as to meeting attendance will be considered by the Executive and Membership Committees on an individual basis. Upon acceptance, the new "Probationary Member" will be added to the top of the mowing roster (if not contracted for the current year) and any other applicable committees as needed.

3. "Full" status: A membership vote will take place at the first regular meeting to occur after completion of the candidates six (6) month probationary period. Eligible candidates must be present at their specified meeting where action for "Full" voting membership is considered. A written request for waiver of this condition will be considered by the Executive and Membership Committees on an individual basis. Failure to do so will assume lack of interest in the Club and they will be deleted from all rosters and membership consideration at this time. All eligible applicants will be named and introduced at this time. No candidate will be rejected on the basis of race, place of origin, color, age, creed, sex, or sexual preference. At this time the candidates will be voted upon by an open ballot, via a show of hands, by the "Voting" members present. The Membership Committee will tally the vote and so inform the President. Seventy-five percent of the members present voting in the affirmative will secure admission to the club. The President will read the names of the new "Full" members to the membership.

4. "Honorary" Status: Seventy-five percent of the members present voting in the affirmative will secure "Honorary" admission to the club. A "Honorary" member wishing to fly must fulfill all the requirements of a "Full" member.

5. Dues: Dues shall be payable to the Club Treasurer on or before the March meeting. Dues may only be payable with a current AMA card in hand. Mail in dues must be accompanied by a photo copy of current AMA card. Failure to meet this obligation by the due date shall be considered as a resignation by the




delinquent party and all club privileges shall be terminated.

Exempt from paying dues are life members, incumbent officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), and the Newsletter Editor during the years in which they serve.

Assessments: Special assessments may be levied when necessary to promote Club objectives. Approval of any assessment shall be by the majority vote of the members present any regular meeting. Failure to meet this obligation by the due date established, shall be considered as a resignation by the delinquent party and all club privileges shall be terminated.

7. Leave of Absence: Members wishing a leave of absence shall do so in writing to the Secretary stating reasons for such absence. If accepted by majority vote of the club officers, he will be notified in writing by the Secretary. Members on leave of absence shall not be required to pay club dues. A leave of absence shall not exceed one (1) year.

8. Membership Suspension: In the case of a member whose actions are considered to be detrimental to the general well being of the Club, his case will be reviewed by the officers and if necessary his membership could be revoked by a majority vote of the attending members at any meeting following notification of all members of the Club by mail. (Refer to Addendum)

Bylaws to Article V

1. Eligibility: Any member of Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club shall be eligible for office after one full year of membership.

2. Audits: A committee composed of members of this Club will be appointed by the President to perform an audit of the records of any person who has custody of funds or materials belonging to the Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club in excess of one (1) month.

These audits will be performed annually by a committee of at least two members and will complete all audits required and report by the October meeting.

The duties of the committees will be to check the accuracy of the records and to make recommendations, if necessary, on the keeping of records.

If it is thought necessary or prudent, the President may order an audit of any record (s) at any time in addition to the above.

3. Standing Committees:


A) The standing committees shall consist of:

1. Program

2. Field

3. Ways & Means

4. Club Paper / Publicity

5. Fuel

6. Flight Training

7. Safety

8. Membership

B) The standing committee chairman shall be selected for a one (1) year term by the President.

C) All committee members shall be selected by the chairman, assisted by the President, and shall serve one (1) year.

E) All committee chairmen shall report at each regular business meeting as applicable..


A) Program: This committee may be responsible for one program each month at the regular business meeting and shall endeavor to publicize their programs.

B) Field: Is responsible for all outdoor activities including flight and ground rules. They shall also be responsible for the physical maintenance of the Club field facilities and shall be a liaison body and contact with current owners of the Club fields where applicable.

C) Ways & Means: This committee shall be responsible for any and all fund raising for the Club. Excluded are funds raised by special committees, such as a Fun-Fly committee or a Water-Fly committee. These special committees shall remain autonomous from the Ways & Means committee.

D) Club Paper / Publicity: Responsible for the publication of the club paper or newsletter that clearly represents the membership in terms of its

interest and function. In lieu of or in addition to the Club paper, the committee shall endeavor to publicize the activities of the Club by contact with various news media, modeling magazines, other clubs, etc.

E) Fuel: Shall be responsible for obtaining and distributing fuel at the club meetings.

F) Flight Training: This committee will provide flight training at the fields on one evening per week during the summer months. They shall control all flying at the field on training nights.

G) Safety: This committee will be responsible for the maintenance of the safety rules of the organization. It will inform the club of new laws or regulations, safety practices and policies and new developments in equipment or technology. It will make recommendations for changes to the rules as required and report on any inadequacies in the current rules or their enforcement.

H) Membership: This committee will be responsible for all activities related to membership in the organization. It will be required to maintain and enforce the rules governing membership and make recommendations for changes to the rules when necessary. It will administer the procedure to admit new members and when necessary remove old members.

It will meet yearly to make recommendations as to membership and set membership levels for the succeeding year. This meeting will take place prior to the beginning of the open enrollment period (March 1st).

I) Special Committees: Shall be appointed by the President as required (i.e.: Contests, Fly For Fun, etc.).

1. All members should realize the necessity of positive action in any club and are therefore expected to serve on committees when requested to do so.

2. When accepting the responsibility of committee membership that member should be active in that committee's functions.

3. Field conduct must follow those rules as expressed by the Field and Safety Committees and should also exhibit common sense in any situation at the flying site.

4. All members should endeavor to attend meetings and be as active in club activities and programs as their own personal schedules permit.

5. A spirit of helpfulness should permeate all the members contacts with fellow members, visitors and others interested in our activities.

6. All members must maintain current AMA membership and any applicable licenses and shall be prepared to show these documents to the proper authority.

7. All members are encouraged to contribute to the club Newsletter and/or publicity committee.

8. Guests will show a current AMA card to the instructor or club members with whom they are flying. Members are limited to two guests per day for three days per calendar year. A guest is only allowed three visits to our fields per calendar year.

9. The conduct of the meeting shall be governed by Robert's Rules of Order so long as they are consistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Top O' New Jersey Radio Control Club.


Pat Rizzuto


Scott Geller


Anthony Curcuruto


Craig Miebach

Voted on and accepted by the membership:

August 15, 2013