Published on 23 February 2014

Reynolds Field


Thanksgiving has came and gone. While we all have something to be thankful for, I want to thank all of you who showed up for the work party today at Reynolds Field. While I did not take count or take names, I saw a good many dedicated members there. The frequency board came down and, along with all of the benches and tables, was moved to the runway. This was done in preparation for the pending work to be done to the field. The work we are planning is to make the runway wider and add fill to the pit area. Most importantly, there are a lot of trees that need to come down.

With all of that said, I want to add a special thanks to Nick D’Ottavio, his son, and Joe Florio for cutting down a good number of trees. While there are more trees to be cut, these guys put a serious dent in the removal. I am hopeful that the rest of the tress will be addressed when we make the field wider. If not, we will have to go back and finish the job.

Until the work is complete at Reynolds Field, the field will be closed for flying. I will continue to update the membership as to our progress.